Sunday, September 15, 2013

Corset Fashion

Corsets are beautiful. They're not only undergarments, they're quite the fashion trend!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Masquerade Fashion?

Personally, I love everything that has to do with masquerades, because the concept is just so fun and it's kinda of beautifully mysterious (as well as cool~)! 

For my high school's last year prom, the senior's theme was a Masquerade Ball, and I'm actually jealous (we won't have that this year *tear*) because I think that's an unique theme! I mean you can do so much with it!
Masquerade masks are cool; you could always buy one, but why not would you do that if you could just... make one and create you own creative masterpiece?

Avant Garde!

Sometimes strange, but always awesome, avant garde pushes the boundaries of the status quo! Some designers really have their creative juices following when they made these pieces! 

I really love these! They're quite beautiful and there's so much detail! I think overall both of these are perfect! 

I love this one too! It's just so cool, something different and completely unique. 

I have to admit though, this last one was a bit...awkward. I like the dress, but I don't understand everything else is kind of weird. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Austin Scarlett

Austin Scarlett is a New York designer whose work spans from fashion, theatre, and pop culture. He is recognized for his glamorous style as well as his enchanted elegant and romantic designs. Austin Scarlett was on the first season of Project Runway and he returned for the 2012 Project Runway: All Stars! 
Some of his looks from Project Runway are... 
Project Runway: All Stars - Episode 2 - A Night at the Opera 
Austin won this challenge! They were suppose to design an outfit for a night at the Opera, and Austin created: 

I think he did a great job! I love the fabric, it's nice and looks expensive, and I love the neckline! It's a really elegant dress. 

Episode 4 : Creating a tasteful outfit inspired by the color and flavor of varying gelatin! 
I'm not sure what Austin got, but...

 This is a cute and fun little dress right? I love the braided part which acts like a one-shoulder strap! 

Episode 5 : Finding a muse as inspiration 
Ughhh, I have to say this is one of my favorite looks from Austin, I mean omg, it's so cool

I love the jacket and the skirt! It's adorable, maybe he could adjust the neckline a little, but overall I think it's great! Mondo won this challenge though, darn you Mondo! (; 

Episode 6 : Sportswear for a seasonal weekend getaway!

I think this is a really cute outfit! The pants are a little high, but hey, that's the design of it! Maybe not the most original with a twist, but it's still cute and ready-to-wear!

Episode 8: A Flaggy Inspiration?
This challenge was to create a dress inspired by a national flag, I wasn't sure which Austin got (once again--sorry~) but here's his runway look:

It's elegant and flowy right? I think it looks wonderful! Since it's pretty hard to design something inspired by a flag, I've seen several dresses that just look like the flag...and it's a no-go. So, although Mondo won, once again, I think all the designers did really good! 

Episode 9: Avant Garde with Lighting Effects?!
This was a pretty cool challenge, and this is my favorite design! I swear it's like the best 

His design is just so pretty and whimsical, yeah, it may not be totally covered all in lights and all, but damn, he did a pretty fine job. Some of the other designers wowed me with their design, but it wasn't as great as mon cher Austin's design! AND HE WON THIS CHALLENGE! Yay~! 

Alright, so Austin didn't win, Mondo did. Arg, you Mondo! Anyway, Austin started to design a whole collection of wedding dresses which are also fabulous! 
Here are some of my favorites, but check out his entire collection : !

"Grand yet delicate, romantic yet unexpected, the Austin Scarlett collection takes a thoroughly modern approach to vintage Paris couture. Creativity and classical elegance combine with time honored techniques to create a glamorous collection that enchants the senses and redefines romance."

Gala! Silk Duchess Satin gown with a detachable Obi-inspired train!

Daphne, a beaded tulle trumpet gown. 

Azalea, with a full ruffled skirt! 

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