Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luly Yang

Hey everyone! So check out my facebook page for more fun haute couture fashion designs ( like those of Luly Yang!
Luly Yang designs one of a kind couture dresses which seems to blow people away. I love her elegant and colorful aesthetic.

This is a silk taffeta Monarch dress, it consists of a custom silk taffeta butterfly print skirt, a corset bodice embellished with hand-placed Swarovski crystals and black ostrich feathers. I love the styling, the hair is prefect and the make-up is nicely done, I love the shoes and the lack of jewelry, which, if present, would take away from the beautiful dress.  

Known as a "Passage to Shanghai," this is a red duchess silk satin robe with Swarovski crystals. The phoenix-like peacock design is hand embroidered! I really love the mask as well as the robe, I love the slit and the colors are prefect and compliment each other nicely!     

"Queen Coral" is a taffeta and organza mermaid gown with a coral print with Swarovski crystals and  coral "feathers" to top the look off. I really love the color and the volume puff at the bottom. Overall, it's a nice and simple dress. 

"Sting Ray" is a really cool and bold dress. It's a hand draped stretchpainted sequin column gown. I love the cut of the dress around the bodice and I love the draping of the dress around her waist, and the length is just perfect! I really like the color also. 

This gown was inspired by the Eyelash Viper snake, thus it is called "Eyelash Viper". The sheath gown with a mandarin collar is nice and the fabric is custom dyed with yellow sequins. Here's a picture of the snake if you wanted to see it: Eyelash Viper Snake.

"Blue Morpho Monarch" is really beautiful and a show stopper! It consists of a blue monarch butterfly taffeta print with tulle overlay and Swarovski crystal details. I love the corset top, it's just beautiful and I love how the lace of the bodice comes up a little and I love the skirt. 

 This is a black and white optical illusion taffeta print dress with a corset and full train skirt. Don't you love the volume? I love how Luly Yang played with the fabric and make the entire print work with the sculpt of the dress. 

Known as "Dreams Take Flight," this is a blue cocktail tiered skirt dress created out of fiber optic textile and Swarovski teardrop crystals. It's creative and fun, it's different and out of the box. I love the hat and the top of this dress. 

"Diamond Garden" is a hand beaded lace gown of silk organza with a removable train. I love the cascading flowers on the dress and the bodice is really cute.   

 You could purchase all these silhouettes if you check out her website :

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Face Off

Have you ever watch a horror movie and wonder... "wow is that real make-up or is it the work of modern technology, it is a real monster... or a fake?"
Well, not every prosthetic's make-up has to be something from horror movies, it could be a beautiful fairy tale character! The thing I love about the T.V. show series, Face Off, is that there's so many creative challenges as well as different and unique special effects artists. The next season of Face Off actually starts in two weeks! If you have some time to spare, it would be an interesting show to catch. 
One of my favorite challenges of season one was the "Water World" spotlight challenge, which not only required the artists to be inspired by a sea creature, but the final product had to be waterproof because it would later be submerged in water. 

Here's the video of the transformation from the model to the designs below: 


These were all the designs that the artists made, it was a team challenge. I felt like they were all pretty to look at, and it was a fun challenge! I was quite amazed at what the artist chose as their inspiration, because one team picked a zebra shark, which is a tough sea creature to make a design out of and one team picked a turtle, which was cool and cute, but tough to design like the shark. 

Fairy Basslet

This design was really pretty! It looks more attractive when you see the actual design in the episode. I like the coral things the runs from her neck and ends at her legs! Watch the episode if you want to see the design move in water! I love how the artists incorporated the long antenna? thing from the fish into their design. 

This design was inspired by a sea turtle. I just wanted to say that I thought it looked cute...but from a cartoon or something! The headpiece is a little strange, because, well maybe it's the make-up, but it looks like that turtle dude from Finding Nemo! HEY! Turtles are suppose to be cute right?  So I didn't really like the eyes, but when you look at a real sea turtle...the eyes are right. 
Sea Turtle

This design was inspired by a Leafy Sea Dragon, and honestly, I love this design. It moved well in water. At first I thought that the "leaves" on the model's arms were paper or something, so I thought that if it went in the water, it would all just fade away until it becomes nothing, but of course it wasn't. This was really successful, and pulled through even though the team of two was always conflicting and budding heads. 

This was inspired by the Lion Fish! I was happy that the artists went with a male model because, well, lion fishes just look so tough, and I felt like it would've been well executed with a male model. I love the face sculpture because it actually resembles the lion fish. The mouth can actually move, the judges were concerned that it wouldn't be able to operate. The paint job is excellent also and it matches the lion fish.  The only thing that was missing was those spikes around the lion fish's gills. The artists, had them, but at the last moment, decided to rip them off. 
I didn't really like the design of the other two, I mean they were nice, but I don't feel like I wouldn't have much to say about them. The zebra shark design was a little strange, it just didn't look right. The other design was another one inspired by the Leafy Sea Dragon, it was okay, I liked the face sculpture and how it looks so feminine, but it didn't move in the water. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron is probably one of my favorite designers, just because his clothes have this edge that just makes his line spark, which arouses fascination (and he was in Project Runway! He won!). He is my favorite designer from Project Runway, because he just takes my breath away when I see his clothes and he's passive, and doesn't stir up drama.  I haven't checked on his designs since he won project runway, so I figured, why not do it today?
Back in 2007's New York Fashion Week, Seth Aaron, Mila, and Emilio were among the top 3, and as you know, made and presented their bold finale pieces. I guess the reason why I'm so attracted to Seth Aaron is because his designs mix hard and edgy masculine elements with softer, elegant feminine elements. 


I love his opening dress, I love the bold red of the dress, the black gloves, the leather, the make-up, the shoes, and the leggings! It's a bold opening statement! 

As for the second piece, I like the red and black scarf/tie thing that's around the model's neck-it's cool and creative. I like the jacket he made, and the length of it and the sleeves are prefect! The leather that outlines the pockets are pretty cool! I actually really like the fabric for this piece. 

I really like this, because it's more feminine compared to the other designs. I like how the v-neck's fabric stripes were thick, and the fabric for the rest of the dress was smaller and more intricate. I like the gloves, once again, since it adds that extra "ump" and it connects the entire collection. 

This is just a simple dress with a twist around the neck. Fairly simple dress, but there's nothing wrong with that, a simple dress can be as beautiful as an intricate dress, and this was perfect for the collection because the rest of his designs were so complicated, this was just a little break before he got to the "shazam."

This dress is pretty cool! I like how there's the little pop of red at the collar! I really like those double-bow-like things on the dress, and the red belt ties in with the red shoes. The gloves are similar to those of the second design, and I think that showing the fingers was a good idea. 

I really like this coat! The little sparks of red tied this design with the previous. It's really nice and I wish I could have something like this in my closet. 

The blouse looks really nice up close and the over-sized jacket is pretty cool. The yellow plaid that outlines the bottom is really a cool surprise. 

This is another one of my favorites. I like the collar around her neck and the dress is beautiful! I like how it's a long sleeve, and the bow on the side just makes her look like a perfect present. I like the stripped leggings because it compliments the dress. I like the fabric from the pictures, but I'm not sure what it would be like in real life.  

I love the neck of this coat. I've always wanted a jacket with that kind of design. There's some build up around the shoulders, and that's the masculine element that mixes right in with the feminine slit in the front of the dress. I like how the slit opening is covered with another fabric, so that it wouldn't be too vulgar. I like the color of the gloves he decided to put on his model.  

This last runway piece was a little sweet surprise, because it's more feminine that it is masculine. I like the straps and the color and print of the fabric, though I can't really say that I like the draping of the dress, it's just a little strange. It is a creative piece though!
Overall, I liked his entire runway show, I liked all the models he chose, because all of them looked strong. I expected a lot from him since he was my favorite, but he didn't disappoint me and he really lived up to my expectations. 

Solar World - Couture
I really like this collection, and watch the video above whenever you have the chance! I love his designs, but the models in this fashion runway had a strange walk, but at least their faces still looked strong!

When I saw the picture for this design, I thought, " looks like something from a horror movie," but then I saw the video for this runway show and it looked waaaayyyy better. I like how the white of the dress contrasts with the black head piece. I like the split in the white dress, but I think it's cut a little too short. The fit is perfect though. The opening above the chest is really nice, and the neck of the dress has a button so maybe you could open it? Anyway, the black mask/headpiece is a little strange though, but I like the zipper! When you see the runway show, you'll discover that the back of the headpiece is actually open, so you could see her hair and all. 

I really like this dress! I like the high collar and the large sleeves at the shoulders, it's quite bold to have those there~! The lining of the black fabric does wonders for the white fabric and they just compliment each other. This is really well made.  

Does this remind you of a rose? I love this dress. The construction throughout the dress is impressive and I love how the red fabric outlines the assets of the black dress. I love the shoes also, and it works well with the outfit. The model is also quite pale, so she looks nice in this dress.

I love this dress too! It's more conservative compared to the other dresses, but it's still beautiful. Both of the fabric look metallic and that just makes the dress! I love how it's fitted at the top and draped at the bottom. The shoes are really chic also. This, you could wear anywhere. 

When this came out, I literally thought, "Damn, that's pretty smoking hot," and it is! The corset-ish see-through blouse is really cool. I would be fine if the bubbly collar was gone, cause I'm not a big fan of those, but I like the buttons that run along the sleeve of the top. The high-waist shorts are amazing, and I like the addition of the belt, which just add a extra little something. The shoes are mighty fine also.

Wh... what is that Seth Aaron? What is that on her head? I'm not quite sure, but it's weird! But this runway is pretty weird (but beautiful right?). Anyway, the dress is simple and elegant. I like how it's just a simple dress with a twist at the bottom! I like the construction near the bottom that makes the dress puffy. Now I'm usually not a fan of puffy things, but this is an exception. I like the fabric choice and the zipper that runs from the chest to the bottom of the dress. I also like the shoes that Seth Aaron chose. 

I want this dress. Can you give it to me? Cause I don't think I could afford this! It's well-made and it looks expensive. I love the fabric! I like the shimmering lace-like thing at the top of the dress which makes it seem a little conservative. The black fabric that acts as the one shoulder is really nice when it reaches the shining silver fabric. I like how the dress is pulled in to the right at the waist and I love how the black fabric runs along the silver. This is a really beautiful dress. I love how she doesn't have a headpiece, because I think that if he put something in her hair, it might have drawn the attention away from this beautiful dress.   

I like the jacket, since it's really close to the model's neck. I like how it's leather and clean cut, but I don't know about those wing sleeves. When I first saw them I was a little...meh, but now when I look at it again and once again, I think that it's actually quite beautiful. The skirt is really nice. 

Another strange headpiece! I think I'm starting to understand them now...(not really!). I like the little flaps on the dress, but they weren't flying around when she walked so that's great. I like how the dress is cut to one side rather than simply down the middle.

I want this too! I like the masculine "armor" plate-like thing which matches with the silver fabric, which isn't just a plain silver fabric, the print is beautiful. The fit and cut of the dress is impeccable, and the slit in the skirt shows some sex which just makes the dress that much more beautiful! The shoes really fit in nicely with the design of this dress. 

For this design, I just like the pants, which have those really cool buttons along the lining. I don't know if I can like the top, because...I don't really like the color, but I do like how it's really close to her neck! 

Metallic fabric once again! AND I REALLY LIKE IT. The gold and the silver, woo! It's works well together. I like the low v-neck which makes the dress beautiful and the necklace which fills in the empty space and I like the skirt. The headpiece of this is pretty interesting. I liked it more than the first one, but I still think it's strange. 

 I love this dress also! I like the top of the dress and I love how it's so perfectly fitted. The fabric of the dress just makes it all the more extravagant. I like how the violet fabric is kind of see through, and it's fun to be able to see the little black dress inside. It's a long dress and the slit is just so cool! This headpiece I like, since it shows the model's face and it look..comfortable since I could see the inside lining.  

The finale ending piece is pretty cool. I like how it's so masculine looking and I like the zipper that runs from the top to the bottom of the dress. 
Overall, this really impressed me. I love Seth Aaron, and this runway show made me love him even more.


I really like this next collection, THERE'S MALE FASHION! It's really beautiful, so check it out! I really love this design, oh gosh, you need to see it to believe it (; 

 There are also other fashion runways, so make sure you check out the Seth Aaron's website : Seth Aaron Designs

Next time, we can check out Austin Scarlett's designs (; 

Happy Birthday Tim Gunn!

There's always a reason to celebrate right? Well today, let's celebrate the 60th birthday of our very own 6 feet and 2 inches of fashion mentor-greatness!
He is so fun to have around Project Runway! So, we wish you a Happy Birthday Tim Gunn! 

Project Runway: Dripping with Diamonds

What did you guys think of this week's challenge? Pretty cool huh?! The next challenge... I'm really looking forward to that one! 
So, this episode started off with two serious (and armed!) bodyguards, protecting something hidden behind the runway opening, soon, we see Heidi among all the models dripping in jewels and diamonds -literally-ish! 
It was a one day challenge, so let's give our fellow designers some credit, even though this wasn't one of the best runway shows. I was a little disappointed, but hey~ I got to know the designer's design ascetic a little better! 

Like... how I expect Miranda to make the same old cut-off midsection dress in the next challenge, expect maybe in a different color and a different design for the back.  Now that I think about it, she might not be able to make the same old dress since the next challenge is somewhat of an unconventional does this mean that she's going to once again use the supplement fabric? 
I have to admit, I do like the back of this dress, and I guess it doesn't look entirely like the last one, but maybe the previous piece was her inspiration? I have no idea, but it looks really similar when you think about it. The color of the dress is darker than the jewels,  Miranda probably tried to match, but the color of the dress just sucks out the life of the jewels! I don't think you would wear such pretty jewelry with that dress, but Miranda did "pace" herself with her spending at Mood, because I think the fabric just cost a total of around $100. 

Moving on to a grander dress that probably made the jewelry an understatement. Since this dress is so... extravagant at the sleeves, you tend to not realize the diamond necklace and earrings.  
The top is ill-fitting, I don't think Alexander should've started started the drapes right after her breast, cause it makes the model seem heavier than she is. He should have done it around the waist, it would've looked better! But his design was to make the shorter dress inside while having the long drapes be their own whimsical beings. The large sleeves do look nice, and the hidden sweet of the yellow was a surprise. I have to say... that I like the split in the dress, gotta have some sex somewhere(; without it, it would've been a grandma dress with strangely large sleeves.  

Ready for someone who has this great confidence of air around them?! but for some reason made a boring dress? Drum roll please~~
 Alexandria! This dress does not do well for your model! Why do you want to make her look so old? It's just a boring dress! It is well put together, but it's just too bland. There's not much to say really, except that, though her dress framed the jewels for attention, the deep blue of the dress combats with the sparks of youth and yellowness of the diamonds. 

Moving on to our wonderful Bradon. 
I'm not so sure about all the sequins though. Aw man, I love her necklace! It's so nice, and I feel like it really POPed when the model wore it. The front was a little boring, but the back shows something fun! The back of this dress was made better compared to Alexandria's because the fit was prefect, and the slit at the bottom was interesting also. Pretty well made, that's all I can say. 

This little girly really impressed me...just a little, but there are some choices that I can't really like. I didn't really expect much from Dom, because, in the last challenge, her design wasn't really noticeable.
Unlike the other designers, Dom went the casual way. I do like this dress, it's elegant and pretty. Just like the judges though, I don't like the headband, it's unnecessary. The v-neck displays the jewelry and I was attracted to it. The "sleeves?", "fabric on the arm?", "straps?" ...whatever they are... ARE original, and it's really nice! I want a dress with those straps. The only thing I dislike besides the headband is the print of her fabric. The green brings out the deeper green of the jewels, but I don't know... I just don't like it very much, but I feel that if she went with another fabric, it probably wouldn't have looked as nice.  

I didn't expect this. Oh gosh Helen. This was suppose to be your forte? Pourquoi? Vraiment? Parce que je ne peux pas voir vorte vision.  
Apparently Helen was trying to make cups for the boobs, but it was something she never did before and because of her daring attempt, she ended up with this tragic piece. Instead of the wavy hair, it should've been tied up in some way or form to bring more attention to her jewelry and the messed up stitching on the butt... the horrible choice of fabric... but at least she attempted to do something that she always wanted to try. I hope this experience dampened her large ego and make her realize that maybe she isn't all that, she needs to realize that...even though designing is her life and passion, her designs might be rejected and disliked because she... *gasp* can make things that are totally ugly. Anyways, move on Helen and continue to do your best!

I have to know... why Jeremy decided to make this dress. His pants were so cool and intricate before... and this just falls short. There's practically no design to it. 
It doesn't connect with the dramatic and bold gleaming green jewels. Okay, I'm not saying that the entire piece had to match the jewelry, but come on, this dress is nothing compared to the jewels! AHHH IT'S SO PLAIN.

MY LOVELY JUSTIN! Oh dear me, I don't know what to say... but oh yess (but also oh no for the hair...)
I think I'm in love with this dress. I like the fit, I like the back and the little train, I like the little pop of blue among the black, I like how it compliments the necklace--this would be endless. I don't understand how he was not among the top three. Make more Justin, make more for us please~ 

Kahindo, I truly believe that you should've have been sent home. 
The dress was nice and simple, the most problematic part was the choice of fabric. The print is hideous, but it is a cute little dress, the cut is perfect and the little slip to the left was nice, and it framed the necklace, the opening in the back was a surprise and it was cool. The model's hair actually compliments the gold of the jewel! She didn't deserve to leave so soon, it wasn't her time to go. 

Can I have this dress? Can I really? Please make one for me Kate! Oh god, I'm sorry for being so cruel to your yellow dress before! 

JANE?! JANE BINGLEY?! It's not true!
But seriously, I adore this dress. I love the color, it compliments the model's light skin as well as the beautiful necklace, everything looks so frail! The paleness of the model and the color of the dress- oh my gosh, someone hold me. I love her hair, her makeup, the corset in the front and the back, the sleeve. I don't like the pickup on the back of the dress though, but the good outweighs the bad for me here. Can I just take it? Please, oh, please! Seriously, this is a beautiful dress.

Anyway, I wasn't able to watch the entire episode... I just watched the introduction...then skipped to the runway and judging, so excuse me if there is something wrong in my interpretation from what I saw on the runway~