Monday, July 8, 2013

Living with a Paperanian~

Papillon Pomeranian Hybrid: 
Paperanian: Apollo 

This is my little baby puppy, Apollo~! He is a Papillon, a breed of the Spaniel Type. Their name, Papillon, derives from its characteristic butterfly-like look of the long and fringed hair on the ears. Papillons are very intelligent and could easily learn new tricks, if you have a treat of course (: 

Papillons and Pomeranians are suppose to be frail and fragile, but there must have been a gene mix-up because Apollo rams into walls when he get too excited. 
True to his breed, Apollo is exited and has a whole bunch of energy, but he could also be calm enough to sleep on your lap OR fall asleep when you're staying up late doing homework :P 
Apollo, also being a Pomeranian, suffers from separation anxiety, and doesn't like to spend time alone (so he's a bit of an attention lover). When I'm busy doing homework, he would bark at me for attention or he would jump onto my lap. 
When I first got Apollo from the San Jose Animal Shelter, he was very alert and yappy. He barked at bird shadows, cars, people, children who were sleeping in their carriages, and sometimes even plants. I think that after he got use to his surroundings though, he was more comfortable and doesn't bark unless... he realllyyy feels like it. This weekend when I went to Yosemite, he proved himself to be a good boy because when we were on the Yosemite buses, he was quite the entire time, even though I thought he would bark at the noisy children around him.  
Apollo is my model~
Apollo actually has some orange freckles around his snout ~^-^~ , but that isn't very visible in these pictures. He doesn't really look like a Papillon since the hair around his ears aren't very long--yet! It's gotten longer since these pictures. 
I am very thankful that I got him as a pet because I discovered what it was really like to get to know his personality (I know I make it sound like he's my boyfriend or something :P). He's a really adorable puppy! He makes my day a little brighter after school and he keeps my energy up when I do homework, since he stays by my side even after 1:00AM. I use to think that dogs would get less sleep than humans, but I think I might be wrong in the case with Apollo xD. Maybe my homework is just too boring! 
A problem that I face with Apollo is that he tried to eat EVERYTHING, such as corn, spiders who stray too far from their webs, and anything that is left out in the open, like potatoes and chips, so I have to carefully put everything away and make sure he doesn't eat "innocent" spiders. 
Another problem that I face xP, Apollo gets too excited, that sometimes he forgets to eat. There's nothing to get excited over, but he's just hyper and happy when we're around. 
Excuse the messy background!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so even though he might not be beautiful in everyone else's eyes, I think he is the most wonderful creature ever :3. 
Yosemite <3

I know that having a pet is a HUGE responsibly, but if you could, I think it would be a wonderful experience to have to pet, and if you go to your local animal shelter, you'll be able to rescue a life! Even though animal shelters try their best to protect and nurture the animals they have, there are, of course, limitations. And if we would, why wouldn't we help one of those animals out? People have allergies which could prevent them from having any sorts of pets, but there are some dogs that don't trigger allergies ( I forgot the breed but I know there are some out there~). 
THIS IS AN ACTUAL PAPILLON, which hair long and beautiful 
Both Papillons and Pomeranians are toy breeds. 

I actually have a whole bunch of pets xD Like two other dogs and a cat~ mmm~ I'll write about them also (: 

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