Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heavy Rain (PS3)

This is probably one of the most painfully wonderful experiences I've had, as strange as that sounds, it's true! Heavy Rain is a choose-your-own-fate psychological thriller, with a great story line and art! I don't want to say TOO much because I really don't want to spoil it for anyone (I'll spoil it all in another post ;D), but I swear this should be pretty high on your "Must Play List" even if it's not "your type" of game! 
When my parents bought the PS3 for my brother, Heavy Rain was a free game that come with it, so I was a bit skeptical of whether or not it was going to be a good game... a couple months passed, and no one laid their hands on it,  I actually though Heavy Rain was some kind of movie, since the people on the box actually looked kind of real! It's not a movie xD! 
Anyway, the game starts off with a man that's half naked, and I freaked out a bit because I was unsure of how to control him--and I was so confused 'cause I didn't know where to go or what to do. In the beginning of the game, I was an awkward "man" walking around the same room for 5 minutes--it was horrible, but conversations were strange too, since your replies are swimming around your screen. I think the swimming actions/replies are great, because as the game progresses and becomes more dramatic, the swimming replies add a sense of drama, fear, pressure, anxiety, anticipation--it's actually a great part in the game. 
The beginning everything was so happy, so full of life, so exciting. Ethan Mars, his wife, and two children are happily playing in their house, until tragedy strikes at a busy local mall. Ethan loses sight of his son, Jason, who is later unexpectedly found in the middle of the street, into the path of oncoming cars. Ethan, in a desperate attempt to save his son, leaped forward...
but the cars hits and kills Jason as well as injuring Ethan, putting him in a coma for six months. A few years later, we discover that the death of Jason has not only put Ethan in a depressive state with constant blackouts that could last up to an hour, but has also split up the once happy family. Ethan and his wife divorced, and their now only son, Shaun, is distant.
At the park, Ethan has one of his blackouts and discovered that his son, Shaun, has disappeared--rather..he was kidnapped. We later discover that Ethan and his son have been pulled into the web of the "Origami Killer," whose method of crime involves abducting young boys in the rainy fall season, sealing their young lives in secluded areas in a sort of hole, and waiting for nature's rain to drown them. When the boys are found by police, their hand holds an origami, while an orchid is placed on their chest. 
 The game has 4 playable characters: Ethan Mars; Scott Shelby, a former police officers but became a private detective, conducting an investigation on the Origami Killer; Norman Jayden, an FBI agent sent to assist the police force with their investigation -- he posses special, augmented reality glasses and a right glove called API (Added Reality Interface) which allows him to quickly scan the crime scene; and Madison Paige, a young journalist who became involved in the Origami Killer case, when she is interested in Ethan Mars, she helps mend his wounds. 
In the beginning of the kidnapping, Ethan receives a letter that directs him to a locker, where he found a box containing a phone, a handgun, and five origami figures. Inside each origami contains a written dangerous task which puts Ethan to the test his love for his son. Each task increases in danger and puts Ethan on the brink of death. He is constantly faced the question:
"Should I continue to save my son...or should I withdraw and live a regretful life, always moaning over the death of Jason? Should I or shouldn't I...?" 
After each completed task, the phone allows Ethan to see his son, in a caged hole, with water rising. 

Layer under hundreds of layers, Heavy Rain is an impactful game that tests the love of a father to save his son, despite the risks and dangers. 
How far would you go? Would the Origami Killer strike again? 
 Even though this game is fictional, I have a whole different prospective of parents. They are such wonderful respectable beings with infinite knowledge and loving care. 
There's a whole bunch of plot twisters, and the identity of the Origami Killer is pretty shocking. The end of the game reveals everything, and everything pulls together into a consistent and (oh-so-wonderful-ish) ending--there are many endings. AND EVERY CHOICE YOU MAKE ACTUALLY COMES TOGETHER IN THE END, LISTEN TO ME, IT DOES. 
~~Interesting fact~~ 
FBI agent, Norman Jayden, is addicted to this drug that's like blue triptocaine, and in this one scene when he was struggling to "sniff" his drug, I thought he was reaching for medicine... he wasn't.. darrrrrnnn I made my character do drugs ):< but I think if he didn't get his drug, he would've died anyway... 
If you don't mind~ I want to know your experience of the game ~^-^~ and you can tell dear old me~ 

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