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Seth Aaron Henderson

Seth Aaron is probably one of my favorite designers, just because his clothes have this edge that just makes his line spark, which arouses fascination (and he was in Project Runway! He won!). He is my favorite designer from Project Runway, because he just takes my breath away when I see his clothes and he's passive, and doesn't stir up drama.  I haven't checked on his designs since he won project runway, so I figured, why not do it today?
Back in 2007's New York Fashion Week, Seth Aaron, Mila, and Emilio were among the top 3, and as you know, made and presented their bold finale pieces. I guess the reason why I'm so attracted to Seth Aaron is because his designs mix hard and edgy masculine elements with softer, elegant feminine elements. 


I love his opening dress, I love the bold red of the dress, the black gloves, the leather, the make-up, the shoes, and the leggings! It's a bold opening statement! 

As for the second piece, I like the red and black scarf/tie thing that's around the model's neck-it's cool and creative. I like the jacket he made, and the length of it and the sleeves are prefect! The leather that outlines the pockets are pretty cool! I actually really like the fabric for this piece. 

I really like this, because it's more feminine compared to the other designs. I like how the v-neck's fabric stripes were thick, and the fabric for the rest of the dress was smaller and more intricate. I like the gloves, once again, since it adds that extra "ump" and it connects the entire collection. 

This is just a simple dress with a twist around the neck. Fairly simple dress, but there's nothing wrong with that, a simple dress can be as beautiful as an intricate dress, and this was perfect for the collection because the rest of his designs were so complicated, this was just a little break before he got to the "shazam."

This dress is pretty cool! I like how there's the little pop of red at the collar! I really like those double-bow-like things on the dress, and the red belt ties in with the red shoes. The gloves are similar to those of the second design, and I think that showing the fingers was a good idea. 

I really like this coat! The little sparks of red tied this design with the previous. It's really nice and I wish I could have something like this in my closet. 

The blouse looks really nice up close and the over-sized jacket is pretty cool. The yellow plaid that outlines the bottom is really a cool surprise. 

This is another one of my favorites. I like the collar around her neck and the dress is beautiful! I like how it's a long sleeve, and the bow on the side just makes her look like a perfect present. I like the stripped leggings because it compliments the dress. I like the fabric from the pictures, but I'm not sure what it would be like in real life.  

I love the neck of this coat. I've always wanted a jacket with that kind of design. There's some build up around the shoulders, and that's the masculine element that mixes right in with the feminine slit in the front of the dress. I like how the slit opening is covered with another fabric, so that it wouldn't be too vulgar. I like the color of the gloves he decided to put on his model.  

This last runway piece was a little sweet surprise, because it's more feminine that it is masculine. I like the straps and the color and print of the fabric, though I can't really say that I like the draping of the dress, it's just a little strange. It is a creative piece though!
Overall, I liked his entire runway show, I liked all the models he chose, because all of them looked strong. I expected a lot from him since he was my favorite, but he didn't disappoint me and he really lived up to my expectations. 

Solar World - Couture
I really like this collection, and watch the video above whenever you have the chance! I love his designs, but the models in this fashion runway had a strange walk, but at least their faces still looked strong!

When I saw the picture for this design, I thought, " looks like something from a horror movie," but then I saw the video for this runway show and it looked waaaayyyy better. I like how the white of the dress contrasts with the black head piece. I like the split in the white dress, but I think it's cut a little too short. The fit is perfect though. The opening above the chest is really nice, and the neck of the dress has a button so maybe you could open it? Anyway, the black mask/headpiece is a little strange though, but I like the zipper! When you see the runway show, you'll discover that the back of the headpiece is actually open, so you could see her hair and all. 

I really like this dress! I like the high collar and the large sleeves at the shoulders, it's quite bold to have those there~! The lining of the black fabric does wonders for the white fabric and they just compliment each other. This is really well made.  

Does this remind you of a rose? I love this dress. The construction throughout the dress is impressive and I love how the red fabric outlines the assets of the black dress. I love the shoes also, and it works well with the outfit. The model is also quite pale, so she looks nice in this dress.

I love this dress too! It's more conservative compared to the other dresses, but it's still beautiful. Both of the fabric look metallic and that just makes the dress! I love how it's fitted at the top and draped at the bottom. The shoes are really chic also. This, you could wear anywhere. 

When this came out, I literally thought, "Damn, that's pretty smoking hot," and it is! The corset-ish see-through blouse is really cool. I would be fine if the bubbly collar was gone, cause I'm not a big fan of those, but I like the buttons that run along the sleeve of the top. The high-waist shorts are amazing, and I like the addition of the belt, which just add a extra little something. The shoes are mighty fine also.

Wh... what is that Seth Aaron? What is that on her head? I'm not quite sure, but it's weird! But this runway is pretty weird (but beautiful right?). Anyway, the dress is simple and elegant. I like how it's just a simple dress with a twist at the bottom! I like the construction near the bottom that makes the dress puffy. Now I'm usually not a fan of puffy things, but this is an exception. I like the fabric choice and the zipper that runs from the chest to the bottom of the dress. I also like the shoes that Seth Aaron chose. 

I want this dress. Can you give it to me? Cause I don't think I could afford this! It's well-made and it looks expensive. I love the fabric! I like the shimmering lace-like thing at the top of the dress which makes it seem a little conservative. The black fabric that acts as the one shoulder is really nice when it reaches the shining silver fabric. I like how the dress is pulled in to the right at the waist and I love how the black fabric runs along the silver. This is a really beautiful dress. I love how she doesn't have a headpiece, because I think that if he put something in her hair, it might have drawn the attention away from this beautiful dress.   

I like the jacket, since it's really close to the model's neck. I like how it's leather and clean cut, but I don't know about those wing sleeves. When I first saw them I was a little...meh, but now when I look at it again and once again, I think that it's actually quite beautiful. The skirt is really nice. 

Another strange headpiece! I think I'm starting to understand them now...(not really!). I like the little flaps on the dress, but they weren't flying around when she walked so that's great. I like how the dress is cut to one side rather than simply down the middle.

I want this too! I like the masculine "armor" plate-like thing which matches with the silver fabric, which isn't just a plain silver fabric, the print is beautiful. The fit and cut of the dress is impeccable, and the slit in the skirt shows some sex which just makes the dress that much more beautiful! The shoes really fit in nicely with the design of this dress. 

For this design, I just like the pants, which have those really cool buttons along the lining. I don't know if I can like the top, because...I don't really like the color, but I do like how it's really close to her neck! 

Metallic fabric once again! AND I REALLY LIKE IT. The gold and the silver, woo! It's works well together. I like the low v-neck which makes the dress beautiful and the necklace which fills in the empty space and I like the skirt. The headpiece of this is pretty interesting. I liked it more than the first one, but I still think it's strange. 

 I love this dress also! I like the top of the dress and I love how it's so perfectly fitted. The fabric of the dress just makes it all the more extravagant. I like how the violet fabric is kind of see through, and it's fun to be able to see the little black dress inside. It's a long dress and the slit is just so cool! This headpiece I like, since it shows the model's face and it look..comfortable since I could see the inside lining.  

The finale ending piece is pretty cool. I like how it's so masculine looking and I like the zipper that runs from the top to the bottom of the dress. 
Overall, this really impressed me. I love Seth Aaron, and this runway show made me love him even more.


I really like this next collection, THERE'S MALE FASHION! It's really beautiful, so check it out! I really love this design, oh gosh, you need to see it to believe it (; 

 There are also other fashion runways, so make sure you check out the Seth Aaron's website : Seth Aaron Designs

Next time, we can check out Austin Scarlett's designs (; 

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