Monday, July 8, 2013


Hey everyone! 
I know I should have posted this a while ago, but U-KISS's "Inside of Me" is out (: 
Take a look at it if you can! 

U-KISS Inside of Me

U-KISS "Inside of Me"

So proud of them :3 Keep watching their music videos :D so that their views can go up~ (AND DOMINATE ALL THE OTHER GROUPS   Hahaha just kidding :P) but really, they deserve more views (: so please~ 

Also, here's a little extra, from a while back. I think it's really adorable when they try to speak English (: 
They're really good at it! I don't think I would be as great as they are when I try to learn Korean xD so they're better than I am! 

If you have never seen U-KISS in these SUPER old video's check them out (: because it's really cute, and Alexander and Kibum were will with U-KISS. I especially love this Face Spray Game ~^-^~! 

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