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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Tree of Tranquility (Wii)

Ready for some Harvest Moon~ 

First... I would like to say that, I LOVE Harvest Moon, I think that all of their games are amaZING~ and super fun to play ( mostly because I suck at all the other games D: ). I actually prefer Harvest Moon: Animal Parade over Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility -- even though they're practically the same... 
When you first start the game, you're riding this hayride thing dragged by a horse, lead by Cain. You arrive at your ugly home that you have to pay 5,000 G for, BUT when you find money and fix it up, the house actually looks quite nice ~^-^~!
Anyway, unlike Tree of Tranquility, where you have to find like 5 things per recipe, in Animal Parade, you just have to find "bells." I think this is A LOT easier, since you don't have to do as much. I think Animal Parade is easier to have pets also, but maybe that's just me~ Animal Parade has a wide selection of pets, such as monkeys, cute puppies, large dogs, five different colored kittens, snakes, pandas, bears (mama bear and baby bear), ducks, raccoon, and ferrets/weasels. 
Just like all the Harvest Moon games, you could get married and have a family of your own~ but in Animal Parade, when you have children, you can actually affect their personalities as they age! AND, the children also looks like your spouse, unlike in most games, where they just look like the character you play! 
Julius' child 
 Instead of brown hair, children can now be born with blonde hair, pink hair, white hair, blue hair, red hair, and purple hair ^-^ You can actually dress them up too~! And you can dress yourself up! Animal Parade has a better variety of clothing, they range from regular "safari-type" clothing to formal clothing to "fantasy-like" clothing.   
In Animal Parade, two new people join the bachelors/bachelorettes list: The Witch and The Wizard ( they actually tell you their names once you get married I think it's around then :3). They're pretty unique characters, The Witch lives in the woods, so every time you want to talk to her, you have to venture into the woods, which takes a long time ): BUT The Wizard is in the city! He's a pretty cool character also~ Both are very nice (: 
Something I think that is missing in Animal Parade that is present in Tree of Tranquility is... after marriage, in Tree of Tranquility, your spouse will ask you to go on dates (which is like ugggh adorable), but in Animal Parade, they don't do that ): BUTT WHYY~ 
Toby actually opens his eyes in this game~
One thing I love about the Harvest Moon "community" is that... there's all these drawings about the bachelors and bachelorettes, and the drawing are so perfect! It almost makes we wish that I didn't see them because it makes more addicted to Harvest Moon 
I swear, it's like someone wants to kill Harvest Moon lovers or something D; why must you create such beautiful pictures of animated men and lassies~ but yeah, the Harvest Moon community is great... since you could find tips on how to find some extra moneyy~ and find recipes and stuff so you don't have to buy it from the stores! (: 
I also really adore the festivals and the circus! When you play it, you'll know :3 ahhh~ it's all so splendid! The circus also has a whole bunch of animals like a giraffe, elephant, and hippo. These circus animals can help you in the future if you make them the food that they adore and bring them back to the circus.
Candice and Luna~
When you purchase the Harvest Moon Animal Parade game, there's this booklet, which includes all the festivals and a produce list (which I think is wonderful because you get to by seeds that give you a whole lot of money~). 
ALSO! In Animal Parade, you get to ride all your larger animals such as your cows, sheeps, and goats. So you get to ride other animals, instead of the traditional horses or ostriches. 
Luke :D
Overall, I love Harvest Moon Animal Parade (: it can get boring after a while, and I just make my character sleep even if it's still like 7:00 AM x3 BUT when it gets interesting at Festival, it just hooks you back in again! 

I actually got Tree of Tranquility first, and I really loved it, until I found Animal Parade because AP is so much easier! Even though the two games are practically the same, they do have their differences that make them fun! I haven't played Tree of Tranquility in a LONG time, so this might be shorter than Animal Parade >-<. 
Anyway, in TOT, it's the same bachelors and bachelorettes minus The Witch and The Wizard. 
You can only ride your horse and ostrich, but, in TOT, the color of your farm animal, I think, depends on the season you buy them (or something of the sort). 
In Animal Parade, your farm animals are all the same, pretty-dull color, but in TOT, you could have white or black horses, as well as brown or white cows! I think that part is really interesting ^-^. I think in AP you could also get different colored farm animals, but there's this kind of progress where you have to become close friends Hanna, the woman who sells farm animals. 
Owen ^-^
There's not much to say about TOT. I feel like it's simply the original older version, while AP is the improvement. 

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