Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Disney Princess Engagement Rings

While scrolling around Facebook, I saw that Bubzbeauty shared something that was truly amazing! Have you ever seen Disney Princess Engagement Rings?
At first, when I heard "Disney Princess Engagement Rings" I thought, ugh, oh no, another one of those things to give to little girls as toys, but these are really nice actual engagement ring! It's adorable and unique! Your fairytale might just be around the corner! I've never seen these before, but I thought it would be fun to share (; 
I like how it's simple, but the details really make the rings special.
I adore the seashells on Ariel's ring (I have this "small" place in my heart for mermaids), I love the detail on Cinderella's, the beautiful rose on Belle's,  the jeweled crown on Aurora's, the cool lamp on Jasmine's and the heart on Snow White's! 
These are so creative and cute, it's too bad they don't have all the Princess's, they're missing Mulan~ Does Rapunzel count? I would love to see hers as well as Tiana's! 
They're all so charming~ 

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