Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Project Runway is BACK!

Season 12 IS FINALLY HERE (...but season 12 started last week on Thursday)! 
I am really excited for their 12th season, there is an extraordinary group of designers with a variety of backgrounds and talents. I might not have payed enough attention to all the previous seasons, but I feel that THIS season has a whole bunch of cool, fresh, and different people who have a wonderful opportunity to display their amaZINGness on this show, such as the deaf, Justin LeBlanc, the previous rocker chick, Angela Bacskocky, the environmentally aware, Timothy Westbrook, the self-educating Ken Laurence, the retired modern dancer, Bradon McDonald, the Russian, Sandro Masmanidi who came to America to pursue his dreams. 
I know that --wooo- the first episode was just the small sparks that would later burst into a wildfire of drama! Drama is unnecessary, and gosh dang it, everyone gets so pressured and angry, I guess it has to come out one way or another.  
What a dangerous looking picture~
But, altogether, I was really happy with the first episode. Plenty of people have already began judging the designer's personalities and making great compliments or unnecessarily bold insults, I just wanted to say, you don't have to right to judge someone so quickly, I mean you wouldn't like it if someone judged you in 3 seconds without any further acquaintance. BESIDES, this is just the first episode! We can't simply judge now, because the sweetest person might just turn into the unexpected villain! (; 
THIS WEEK WAS THE UNCONVENTIONAL CHALLENGE! Let's see some designs shall we? 
There were some designs that I was quite fond with...and some that were a bit not-so-nice-looking-though-the-sketch-made-it-seem-nice, not in an particular order though. 
So everything this week was made out of parachute "fabric" and it was different! The first season's unconventional challenge took place at a super market -- and (my love~) Austin Scarlett "won" (I don't recall who really won) with his corn husk dress! (Actually, I think someone else won.. BUT AUSTIN SCARLETT IS SO BEAUTIFUL RIGHT? and his designs or so elegant and lady-like~) 
Oops, this is season 1, not season 12!
Anyway, this was Project Runway's first challenge that involved parachute "fabric."
I really like Bradon's dress, which was quite puffy in the back. He didn't really have a sketch, so initially I was a bit worried, but then he pulled this off 
and I was like WOAH. I didn't expect this. (Man I should've watched all the designer's profiles in the pre-seaon's episode that introduced all the designers). I really like the soft colors of the dress as it transitioned from the blue to the light pink to the fuschia-like color. I want to see what he does next! It's just the first episode, so I don't really know how he'll cope with other challenges, but I am expecting something elegant and fun.  

I also really liked Jeremy's design, though he made pants, it's fine! Since he made it into something different and unexpected. The pants were cool and fitting also, I mean, I would wear it, except maybe put a nicer shirt on. 
 His tailoring skills are awesome and his use of zippers really emphasizes his piece, and the colors work together. Tailoring this pair of pants was no easy task, it must have been really time consuming so he wasn't able to produce a nicer top, or maybe he just wanted to plain top to emphasize his pants--I don't know. I want to see if he could tailor a nice jacket or blazer, cause, I'm a little obsessed (; Anyways, I don't know what to expect for his next design. I do want to see some kind of dress or skirt though, so there's some variation, but I hope his skirts or dresses also have this kind of cool vibe, I don't want zipper everywhere, but we'll see in the next episode. 

Well, this is some HOT pink, but I know that this was not the color he was aiming for, he was aiming for something else, something that Mr. Ken Laurence beat him to, but he did accomplish something,  I really like how form fitting it is, I mean, it hugs her small waist and I kinda like the tie thing that on there. I mean, this design might not be as extravagant as some of the other designs, but I think it's a very nice piece. 
I like the contrasting color of the pink with the blue and black tie. I like how it's not really tight around her neck, and instead of the usual v-neck, he made something different! Those kinda of lower (not too low or else it's vulgar) neck lines make your face appear slimmer. The top fits really well, sometimes clothing can "ride up" and make ugly wave crinkles, but there's none of that here. 

This design is nice, but I don't feel like it's truly original. I'm pretty sure I can walk into some dress store and find something very similar to this, maybe not in the same color, but very likely the same design. I'm not saying it's a bad design, it's very nice, but, it's just in a box. 
I like the top of it, and the shoes, and the small attention to detail which influenced her to add those flowers, but overall...I don't like it. I don't like the bottom of the dress, it's too puffy, and makes her look a little chubbier than she actually is. If you look at the back of the dress, you can tell it's puffy. I really expected more from Kate, since she is the returning designer, but we'll find out more about her designs in the next episode. 

I really dislike this dress, though it was initially one of the top threes. I don't really see what the judges saw. There's a whole bunch of unnecessary cleavage, showing off much of her booby (respected women don't need to show their massive boobs or such--mmm my idea of fashion conflicts with Miranda's designs), and I hate the skin showing on the top. I dislike the length of the skirt, and WORST of all, it contained very little -- NONE REALLY -- of the parachute fabric, the outlining and the has a whole bunch of parachute. 
  Oh my god, I don't like the hair either. I felt that Miranda should have been disqualified, because her piece was so FAR from being unconventional. If I was a judge, no matter how mean this seems, I would NOT have given her a second chance. She knew, and Tim Gunn reminded her, to use the parachute fabric, but she wouldn't listen, and she didn't even produce something that was nice or tasteful. There's been too much of this on Project Runway, the judges need to disqualify someone who doesn't attend to the unconventional challenge, it would send a strong message to the current designers and future designers. 

Phew, this next design is to the extreme. Sandro wanted to make a bathing suit, yes he did. 
I probably just like some of the tailoring done on the bottom, and I really like his colors, AND HIS MODEL BECAUSE she's so amazing, when the bottom part "popped" she was a great model and continued to sell the piece, I mean she was probably embarrassed, who wouldn't be. I think overall, the design was pretty poor, or the fitting rather. It was too tight and too short. The buttons are about to POP! I'm serious, look at the picture. The top is too low for my preference and those octopi around her neck...why are they there?  Her butt was hanging out too if you saw the back of this. He probably survived this challenge because...  his model was charismatic? Sandro was trying for too much sex appeal, but I wonder what he'll do next, I'm kinda excited. He's a funny character. Lots of people are commenting about his attitude, but let me just say, my parents are from another country, and although they can somewhat speak English, their sense of humor retains to "Chinese humor," meaning that when they crack a joke with good intentions, it may sound bold or offending to the other party. It might be the same for Sandro, but we'll see in the following episodes. 

I expect a lot from Sue in the next few episodes! This was a really nice couture dress, even more couture than Bradon's. Sue doesn't even know how to use a sewing machine! This is a wonderful dress, and the way the colors peacefully change into the next--I am in awe. 
  If this were on sale on the racks, I would think twice though, even if it's a beautiful dress. I don't really like how the dress is so close to her neck, but that was what kinda made the design. The top looks a little unflattering, off to the left side, because it's just too puffy. I have to say though, it's form fitting-ish though. It makes the model look skinny (though she is already skinny). I don't know how Sue would last without a sewing machines, because sewing machines could just help with time management, and get something done kinda quickly compared to handy work. Again, we'll see in the next episode. 

This dress was done with good intentions, but it turned out wrong. 
When Timothy was sketching and telling the audience about his design, I was, no doubt, excited. I was interested in his design and the cranes that he made, but when the actual product was strutting down the runway, I was dumbfounded. You couldn't even see the cranes that he made! He was also suppose to be environmentally aware, but he burned the plastic! Maybe Miranda was correct, he's too busy thinking about being environmentally aware that he doesn't really put on a good show, his model needs make-up and her hair done! AND SHOE, oh god the shoes. She looked like the sole survivor of some tragic accident. 
During the fitting, he wanted his model to perform this strange I-am-tied-by-some-imaginary-rope-that's-pulling-me-and-forcing-me-to-sniff-my-armpits-at-the-end-of-the-runway thing. His next design better be pleasing, or else, he's out for sure. 

If I could, I would talk about all the designs, but alas, there is not enough time, and it's late here. Why is there so much homework~ 

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