Friday, July 5, 2013

Random and weird info!

Hey everyone! So I found these two website when I was browsing around on my Facebook... and I know it's pretty weird but... it's pretty fun to learn new stuff right? :D 

So the first one is about the "Scariest Giant Bugs," believe me when I say that I AM TERRIFIED OF HATE bugs. I cannot stand being around bugs, but they're pretty much everywhere ): I guess, maybe because I'm a biology fanatic, I found this website pretty interesting ^-^ (now I know all the horrible and scary creatures around me). I always thought that bugs were these ugly creatures created to eat dirt and fallen leaves, but some moths, butterflies, and other bugs can actually be quite beautiful, and since evolution has played a big role in allowing the the fittest to survive, everything has adapted to the best survival tactics, for example, the Atlas Moth actually have wingtips that resemble snakes! 
Okay, I was a bit creeped out when I saw these bugs >0< but at least I found it pretty interesting (: so you could check it out if you dare >:)

The second website is about "Unbelievable Accidents That Actually Happened." I didn't get to really finish this all the way because I have a bunch of homework to do, but the first 5 that I read, I found it to be pretty bizarre and it made me question if these events actually took place xD, maybe I should check if it's true later (: but... here it is: 

I hope that you were able to actually look at some of these (: I still need to upload Alexander's and Kibum's profiles, so wait for that ~^-^~ and I might do a review of circle lenses :D yay~

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