Monday, July 29, 2013

Project Runway: Dripping with Diamonds

What did you guys think of this week's challenge? Pretty cool huh?! The next challenge... I'm really looking forward to that one! 
So, this episode started off with two serious (and armed!) bodyguards, protecting something hidden behind the runway opening, soon, we see Heidi among all the models dripping in jewels and diamonds -literally-ish! 
It was a one day challenge, so let's give our fellow designers some credit, even though this wasn't one of the best runway shows. I was a little disappointed, but hey~ I got to know the designer's design ascetic a little better! 

Like... how I expect Miranda to make the same old cut-off midsection dress in the next challenge, expect maybe in a different color and a different design for the back.  Now that I think about it, she might not be able to make the same old dress since the next challenge is somewhat of an unconventional does this mean that she's going to once again use the supplement fabric? 
I have to admit, I do like the back of this dress, and I guess it doesn't look entirely like the last one, but maybe the previous piece was her inspiration? I have no idea, but it looks really similar when you think about it. The color of the dress is darker than the jewels,  Miranda probably tried to match, but the color of the dress just sucks out the life of the jewels! I don't think you would wear such pretty jewelry with that dress, but Miranda did "pace" herself with her spending at Mood, because I think the fabric just cost a total of around $100. 

Moving on to a grander dress that probably made the jewelry an understatement. Since this dress is so... extravagant at the sleeves, you tend to not realize the diamond necklace and earrings.  
The top is ill-fitting, I don't think Alexander should've started started the drapes right after her breast, cause it makes the model seem heavier than she is. He should have done it around the waist, it would've looked better! But his design was to make the shorter dress inside while having the long drapes be their own whimsical beings. The large sleeves do look nice, and the hidden sweet of the yellow was a surprise. I have to say... that I like the split in the dress, gotta have some sex somewhere(; without it, it would've been a grandma dress with strangely large sleeves.  

Ready for someone who has this great confidence of air around them?! but for some reason made a boring dress? Drum roll please~~
 Alexandria! This dress does not do well for your model! Why do you want to make her look so old? It's just a boring dress! It is well put together, but it's just too bland. There's not much to say really, except that, though her dress framed the jewels for attention, the deep blue of the dress combats with the sparks of youth and yellowness of the diamonds. 

Moving on to our wonderful Bradon. 
I'm not so sure about all the sequins though. Aw man, I love her necklace! It's so nice, and I feel like it really POPed when the model wore it. The front was a little boring, but the back shows something fun! The back of this dress was made better compared to Alexandria's because the fit was prefect, and the slit at the bottom was interesting also. Pretty well made, that's all I can say. 

This little girly really impressed me...just a little, but there are some choices that I can't really like. I didn't really expect much from Dom, because, in the last challenge, her design wasn't really noticeable.
Unlike the other designers, Dom went the casual way. I do like this dress, it's elegant and pretty. Just like the judges though, I don't like the headband, it's unnecessary. The v-neck displays the jewelry and I was attracted to it. The "sleeves?", "fabric on the arm?", "straps?" ...whatever they are... ARE original, and it's really nice! I want a dress with those straps. The only thing I dislike besides the headband is the print of her fabric. The green brings out the deeper green of the jewels, but I don't know... I just don't like it very much, but I feel that if she went with another fabric, it probably wouldn't have looked as nice.  

I didn't expect this. Oh gosh Helen. This was suppose to be your forte? Pourquoi? Vraiment? Parce que je ne peux pas voir vorte vision.  
Apparently Helen was trying to make cups for the boobs, but it was something she never did before and because of her daring attempt, she ended up with this tragic piece. Instead of the wavy hair, it should've been tied up in some way or form to bring more attention to her jewelry and the messed up stitching on the butt... the horrible choice of fabric... but at least she attempted to do something that she always wanted to try. I hope this experience dampened her large ego and make her realize that maybe she isn't all that, she needs to realize that...even though designing is her life and passion, her designs might be rejected and disliked because she... *gasp* can make things that are totally ugly. Anyways, move on Helen and continue to do your best!

I have to know... why Jeremy decided to make this dress. His pants were so cool and intricate before... and this just falls short. There's practically no design to it. 
It doesn't connect with the dramatic and bold gleaming green jewels. Okay, I'm not saying that the entire piece had to match the jewelry, but come on, this dress is nothing compared to the jewels! AHHH IT'S SO PLAIN.

MY LOVELY JUSTIN! Oh dear me, I don't know what to say... but oh yess (but also oh no for the hair...)
I think I'm in love with this dress. I like the fit, I like the back and the little train, I like the little pop of blue among the black, I like how it compliments the necklace--this would be endless. I don't understand how he was not among the top three. Make more Justin, make more for us please~ 

Kahindo, I truly believe that you should've have been sent home. 
The dress was nice and simple, the most problematic part was the choice of fabric. The print is hideous, but it is a cute little dress, the cut is perfect and the little slip to the left was nice, and it framed the necklace, the opening in the back was a surprise and it was cool. The model's hair actually compliments the gold of the jewel! She didn't deserve to leave so soon, it wasn't her time to go. 

Can I have this dress? Can I really? Please make one for me Kate! Oh god, I'm sorry for being so cruel to your yellow dress before! 

JANE?! JANE BINGLEY?! It's not true!
But seriously, I adore this dress. I love the color, it compliments the model's light skin as well as the beautiful necklace, everything looks so frail! The paleness of the model and the color of the dress- oh my gosh, someone hold me. I love her hair, her makeup, the corset in the front and the back, the sleeve. I don't like the pickup on the back of the dress though, but the good outweighs the bad for me here. Can I just take it? Please, oh, please! Seriously, this is a beautiful dress.

Anyway, I wasn't able to watch the entire episode... I just watched the introduction...then skipped to the runway and judging, so excuse me if there is something wrong in my interpretation from what I saw on the runway~

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