Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luly Yang

Hey everyone! So check out my facebook page for more fun haute couture fashion designs ( like those of Luly Yang!
Luly Yang designs one of a kind couture dresses which seems to blow people away. I love her elegant and colorful aesthetic.

This is a silk taffeta Monarch dress, it consists of a custom silk taffeta butterfly print skirt, a corset bodice embellished with hand-placed Swarovski crystals and black ostrich feathers. I love the styling, the hair is prefect and the make-up is nicely done, I love the shoes and the lack of jewelry, which, if present, would take away from the beautiful dress.  

Known as a "Passage to Shanghai," this is a red duchess silk satin robe with Swarovski crystals. The phoenix-like peacock design is hand embroidered! I really love the mask as well as the robe, I love the slit and the colors are prefect and compliment each other nicely!     

"Queen Coral" is a taffeta and organza mermaid gown with a coral print with Swarovski crystals and  coral "feathers" to top the look off. I really love the color and the volume puff at the bottom. Overall, it's a nice and simple dress. 

"Sting Ray" is a really cool and bold dress. It's a hand draped stretchpainted sequin column gown. I love the cut of the dress around the bodice and I love the draping of the dress around her waist, and the length is just perfect! I really like the color also. 

This gown was inspired by the Eyelash Viper snake, thus it is called "Eyelash Viper". The sheath gown with a mandarin collar is nice and the fabric is custom dyed with yellow sequins. Here's a picture of the snake if you wanted to see it: Eyelash Viper Snake.

"Blue Morpho Monarch" is really beautiful and a show stopper! It consists of a blue monarch butterfly taffeta print with tulle overlay and Swarovski crystal details. I love the corset top, it's just beautiful and I love how the lace of the bodice comes up a little and I love the skirt. 

 This is a black and white optical illusion taffeta print dress with a corset and full train skirt. Don't you love the volume? I love how Luly Yang played with the fabric and make the entire print work with the sculpt of the dress. 

Known as "Dreams Take Flight," this is a blue cocktail tiered skirt dress created out of fiber optic textile and Swarovski teardrop crystals. It's creative and fun, it's different and out of the box. I love the hat and the top of this dress. 

"Diamond Garden" is a hand beaded lace gown of silk organza with a removable train. I love the cascading flowers on the dress and the bodice is really cute.   

 You could purchase all these silhouettes if you check out her website :

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