Monday, July 22, 2013

Express YOURself

      In our current fast pace and constantly improving society, many people struggle with low self-confidence, myself not being an exception. We all want to be liked by someone or something, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to be praised or admired. But recently, I asked myself an important question: why do I think lowly of myself? Why do I state that I am not smart enough or not as attractive as other lassies in the world? Why do I cause so much physical and mental distress to myself? 
I couldn't come up with a satisfying answer. So, why can't I change my own opinion of myself to pursuit a happier life that highly confident people probably achieved? 
I probably can't...but my parents (mostly my father) had severely pointed out (relentlessly) a fact that I have never noticed before: we are all human, filled with imperfections and flaws. 
Since we are all human, with flaws, imperfections, a conscientious mind, and also many perfections (that outweigh our flaws!), we should all express ourselves, voice our opinions, and speak out against prejudice and any obstruction of justice (; 
I am not saying that we should contribute in any acts of violent protest or such, but simply, voice you own opinion and concerns on any subject, big or small, such as: fashion, projects, plans, games, any argument with your buddies.  
Don't change your own opinion of anything just because the majority find one thing more "acceptable." Don't judge people before you meet them, for other's opinions may be deviously spread, remember Mr. Wickham who wrongly spread lies about Mr. Darcy in Pride and Prejudice. Don't damage someone else's happiness by bullying them physically or mentally by spreading unnecessary rumors. Life is as beautiful as you make it! 

Life is short, make the best of it~

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