Saturday, July 27, 2013

Disney Tale Inspired Wedding Dresses

Love in the in air~ 
I feel that there are going to be lots of upcoming weddings! Two of my cousins are setting up to get married, thus, I decided to show some Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Dresses~. Believe me, I am not going to get married anytime soon, but who doesn't like looking at wedding dresses?

So this is one of the Cinderella dresses that I thought was pretty cute. The criss-cross bodice and sweet heart neckline with all the beading makes the wedding dress look sweet. This would look pretty nice! It is a ball gown though, but sometimes ball gowns look better than mermaids.
 This other one, I'm not sure if I like it very much. I like the beading on the bodice, which looks oh so nice, but I don't know what it would look like when you wear it, the layering might looks strange, but you never know!

I thought it as pretty cute also! It just looks so fun, which is exactly like Tiana. There isn't much beading, but it's still nice, since the lace that outlines the layers of the dress are pretty exaggerated and it's different, it looks pretty cool!
 Here's another Tiana dress that I came across. It's one shoulder and there's beading along the strap, little on the bodice, and some on the waist line. You can't really tell in this picture, but there are some flowers along the waste line also~ The dramatic ruched pick up is interesting. 

I really liked this dress from that picture, but when you see the actual dress, the flower that acts as a one strap doesn't look very attractive, but who knows right? The cascading ruffles are really nice though!
I really like this one! It looks really nice! There's beading all along the top of the dress, then it opens into the draped "ruffles." It would hug your body shape, and looks very nice~

I adore this one! It's probably because I really like the corset bodice and the tiered ballgown. Ah gosh, I think I like everything about this dress~ Doesn't this picture look nice too?!

This one is really nice also, the bodice is similar to the Cinderella dress, except there's a deeper color in these beads? The multi-tiered ruffle skirt is cute though! 

This is cute too, you can't really tell from this picture, but the bodice is full of satin flowers! I don't know if I like the pick-up very much though. 

I found some Rapunzel and other Disney wedding dresses, but I didn't like them very much -disappointment - so I guess that's all!

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  1. Super chic Disney tale wedding dress ideas!! Last week I saw amazing Disney wedding décor inspirations and dress ideas at an annual bridal show that organized at one of domestic DC wedding venues. I have picked up certain ideas from that show for my own wedding. So excited to start wedding planning.