Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Face Off

Have you ever watch a horror movie and wonder... "wow is that real make-up or is it the work of modern technology, it is a real monster... or a fake?"
Well, not every prosthetic's make-up has to be something from horror movies, it could be a beautiful fairy tale character! The thing I love about the T.V. show series, Face Off, is that there's so many creative challenges as well as different and unique special effects artists. The next season of Face Off actually starts in two weeks! If you have some time to spare, it would be an interesting show to catch. 
One of my favorite challenges of season one was the "Water World" spotlight challenge, which not only required the artists to be inspired by a sea creature, but the final product had to be waterproof because it would later be submerged in water. 

Here's the video of the transformation from the model to the designs below: 


These were all the designs that the artists made, it was a team challenge. I felt like they were all pretty to look at, and it was a fun challenge! I was quite amazed at what the artist chose as their inspiration, because one team picked a zebra shark, which is a tough sea creature to make a design out of and one team picked a turtle, which was cool and cute, but tough to design like the shark. 

Fairy Basslet

This design was really pretty! It looks more attractive when you see the actual design in the episode. I like the coral things the runs from her neck and ends at her legs! Watch the episode if you want to see the design move in water! I love how the artists incorporated the long antenna? thing from the fish into their design. 

This design was inspired by a sea turtle. I just wanted to say that I thought it looked cute...but from a cartoon or something! The headpiece is a little strange, because, well maybe it's the make-up, but it looks like that turtle dude from Finding Nemo! HEY! Turtles are suppose to be cute right?  So I didn't really like the eyes, but when you look at a real sea turtle...the eyes are right. 
Sea Turtle

This design was inspired by a Leafy Sea Dragon, and honestly, I love this design. It moved well in water. At first I thought that the "leaves" on the model's arms were paper or something, so I thought that if it went in the water, it would all just fade away until it becomes nothing, but of course it wasn't. This was really successful, and pulled through even though the team of two was always conflicting and budding heads. 

This was inspired by the Lion Fish! I was happy that the artists went with a male model because, well, lion fishes just look so tough, and I felt like it would've been well executed with a male model. I love the face sculpture because it actually resembles the lion fish. The mouth can actually move, the judges were concerned that it wouldn't be able to operate. The paint job is excellent also and it matches the lion fish.  The only thing that was missing was those spikes around the lion fish's gills. The artists, had them, but at the last moment, decided to rip them off. 
I didn't really like the design of the other two, I mean they were nice, but I don't feel like I wouldn't have much to say about them. The zebra shark design was a little strange, it just didn't look right. The other design was another one inspired by the Leafy Sea Dragon, it was okay, I liked the face sculpture and how it looks so feminine, but it didn't move in the water. 

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