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U-KISS Profile~!

Hello Peeps! (:
So, I just wanted to talk about this wonderful group of men, who, like most artists, work hard to achieve their ultimate goal: perform, entertain, and ultimately have fun! Although there are plenty of artists and performers, U-KISS is one of my favorites because, they're simply amazing! 
Before continuing though, I just wanted to say that some of these "facts" could be wrong and I apologize for any misleading information. Please understand that I found some of these "facts" online or I watched it in a video, so I cannot really check the validity! If you find a mistake though, please tell me!
U-KISS is a Korean boy band formed by NH Media in 2008. U-KISS is an acronym which stands for:
U: Ubiquitous
K: Korean
I: International idol
S: Super
S: Stars
I have some of U-KISS's songs on the music player, so if you have time, you should listen to it! 
Anyway, there are, in total, counting previous members and current members, 9 men~! They are...

Shin Soo Hyun ( 신수현 ) Birthday: March 11, 1989 -- 24 years old

LEADER<3 and main vocalist~ 
mmm~ who can resist such a caring "King of Fanservice?" This Power Vocal lives to expectations (at least for me and most KISSME'S :D) because his perfect voice adds such power, yet it can also be as sweet as honey! Although Soo Hyun is the oldest, he enjoy his pranks! 

  • He always brings lozenges with him so that his throat would be in great condition when he sings or performs
  • Leader gets emotional when he performs, causing him to cry when on stage
  • He feels like he is the supervisor or principal of U-KISS 
  • He is a fan of Ne-yo and admires his powerful voice
  • Soo Hyun likes to travel, since he would be able to try different exotic and unusual types of food 
  • He is a former JYP and Good Entertainment trainee
  • His father passed away when he was in 2nd grade, and during this time, he and his family struggled for survival, but his dream to be a signer never faded, because he feels that music is his life (he sings EVERYWHERE) , without it, he would be devastated. 
  • He is most confident when he is singing on stage
  • Unlike me (I fail as a person), he doesn't use speed dial 
  • He is also a soccer player and is considered a exercise maniac! 
  • He loves to eat pizza and is considered "greedy" by the other members because he buys food all for himself
  • Soo Hyun is quite the prankster, he likes gags and is also very talkative
  • He doesn't like it when girls spend money on a date, so he pays for everything
  • Leader is very protective, and if he had a girlfriend, he would do anything to protect her
  • Soo Hyun's ideal type is a simple, sweet, loving, friendly lassy who would understand him and always be there for him
  • Soo Hyun's bloos type is A. 
  • He watches anime and reads manga~
  • Soo Hyun was voted by other U-KISS members for having the most dating experience, but Soo Hyun was surprised and declared, "Why me?" 
  • Soo Hyun, along with Kevin, DongHo, and Alexander, like natural beauties (no plastic surgery) with great personalities~

Lee Kiseop (  이기섭 ) Birthday: January 17, 1991 -- 22 years old 
"Never stop believing. Dreams really do come true so aim high!"
Kiseop is my favorite member<3 Please love me~ I love this picture of Kiseop because he can pull off that hairstyle--disagree if you wish~
He's a sub-singer as well as the main dancer~
He is known to be an Ulzzang, which means best face in Korean (he appeared in the second season of Uljjang Shidae)! Kiseop's blood type is A. He is skilled in Taekwondo, beat boxing, dancing, and acting. He loves photography and lists it as his hobby. While all of the U-KISS members are Christian, Kiseop and AJ are Buddhist.  
  • Kiseop's favorite color is black~
  • It was reported that Kiseop is saving money to pay himself through university
  • Before debuting with U-KISS, Kiseop was rejected by different entertainment companies, and this lead to him having suicidal thoughts, but his parents guided him out of the suicidal state. 
  • Sometimes before performing, he would call his mother (I saw it in a video, so I'm unsure about how often he does this, but it's very sweet that, although he is a superstar in different countries, he still remains close to his roots and is thankful for all his parents have done for him)
  • In 2008, U-KISS only had 6 members, Kiseop joined in 2009 as the 7th member, he appeared in U-KISS's first single MV, "Not Young" 
  • Being the additional member of U-KISS, Kiseop works the hardest and is the most serious. 
  • When Kiseop was first accepted as a U-KISS member, he made an entry on U-KISS's official homepage; he apologized to loyal U-KISS fans, and humbly asked for their acceptance as a new member. 
  • Kiseop likes to use cute sound effects in text messages.
  • He is a bit of a camera-whore (but it's okay since we I love pictures of him anyway); so he enjoys having his picture taken.   
  • Kiseop is a skilled piano player!
  • While he was in many dance groups during high school, he didn't have any stage experience until he joined U-KISS. 
  • To relieve stress, Kiseop goes to the gym, to work out and exercise
  • He is one of the best dancers. 
  • Kiseop like vintage styles and concepts. 
  • Kiseop dislikes lairs, but is very shy and quiet when he's around girls. His ideal type is a short, long-haired bookworm! If he had a girlfriend, he would like to surprise her with little events and bring her to Okinawa and Hokkaido! It was stated (somewhere) that he dislikes people who force him to do things. 
  • When he is nervous, he speaks quickly and sounds like he's stuttering and sometimes he stumbles physically. Kiseop gets nervous on stage, but declared that it's fun! 
  • Kiseop can't get over small mistakes. He also suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder. 
  • Cute fact alert: Kiseop is afraid of A LOT of things, such as boneless animals, heights, insects, etc. 
  • It was said that if Kiseop found his ideal girl to be one of his fans, he would humble and politely greet her!
  • He is claimed to be among the nicest member of U-KISS, and is very organized. 
  • Kiseop has 2 pet bunnies ~^-^~
  • Kiseop, along with Hoon, is going to perform in a musical pretty soon! 
  • Kiseop doesn't mind if girls have plastic surgery as long as it makes them pretty(?)

Kevin Woo ( 우성현 ) Birthday: November 25, 1991 -- 22 years old 
Main vocalist~
Kevin was born in Danville, CA, USA, he moved to South Korea with his mother to pursue his dream of being an entertainer. Kevin is among the 3 of English-speaking U-KISS members, the others are Eli and AJ! 
In 2006, Kevin, and Kibum were in a four member group known as XING. After releasing XING's first single, "In Your Hands," on December 14, 2006, their popularity as well as anticipation increased dramatically. XING undergone changes throughout the next 2 years, with the addition of 2 new members and the departure of Marumir. Kevin left XING in April 2008, and joined U-KISS. 
KEVIN<3 Vocals~

  • Kevin's blood type is O. 
  • Kevin's favorite color is blue!
  • Other U-KISS members claim that Kevin is the most popular in almost all countries. They feel that Kevin is someone they need to protect. 
  • Kevin can play the guitar and piano. 
  • He dislikes bugs
  • Kevin wants to skydive!
  • Kevin is good at swimming, and likes basketball, badminton, taekwondo, and soccer, though claimed to be not good with those sports. 
  • Kevin prays before he eats; he eats slowly, but manages to eat a lot! He loves ddeokbokkgi and spicy foods. He loves Mexican foods, his favorite type of food is pizza and cheesecake, 
  • He dislikes bugs.
  • Kevin treasures his fan's gifts and especially admires hand-made ones. 
  • Kevin laughs easily!
  • He has always been single, but has openly expressed his feelings for 2NE1's Dara.Kevin always saw one of his fans to be his ideal girl~. Kevin's ideal girl is a cute lively girl with smiling eyes, soft hands, and long fingers. 
  • Kevin hates how he has a nice and innocent face because he does occasionally when he gets mad or upset, people would say, "how can I get Kevin mad?"
  • Kevin likes to act cutely in front of girls.
  • It's claimed that Kevin talks to his computer and wishes that it runs faster. 
  • Kevin is a sweet and loving member of U-KISS~
  • He hugs his teddy bear when he sleeps :D 
  • Kevin is always on time!
  • Kevin has a private Facebook, and only accepts friends and family
  • He love to sing random songs at random times, he cries when he watches dramas and he covers his eyes when he watches horror movies. 
  • Kevin like to hug his fans!
  • Kevin likes natural beauties who didn't have plastic surgery~

Shin Dongho  ( 신동호 )     Birthday: June 29, 1994 -- 19 years old
"I'm more of a listener than a talker..."
Rapper and sub-vocalist~
He is known as the "face of the group" and is the youngest of all U-KISS members, so he is considered the  "Maknae" which means the youngest or the baby in a group. DongHo can communicate in Mandarin because he studied in Beijing, China. Although DongHo is young, he is known for his deep voice and unpredictable personality. He is the most active in different projects, DongHo appeared in reality shows like  Raising IdolIdol Maknae Rebellion, and Sonyeon Sonyeo Gayo Baekseo. He was in movies like My Black Mini Dress, Villain and Widow, and Mr. Idol. 

  • In mid-October 2012, DongHo was taken to the hospital due to lung issues; he was suffering from pleurisy (inflammation of the lining of the lungs and chest that leads to chest pain, usually sharp, when you breath or cough).
  • His blood type is B. 
  • DongHo's favorite color is pink~
  • When DongHo watches zombie movies, Soo Hyun stated that he would always dreams about it. 
  • His favorite cartoon is Winnie the Pooh and is one of his favorite stuffed bears!
  • DongHo envies how Soo Hyun could reach very high notes, while he cannot. 
  • The member closest to DongHo is Eli~
  • He state that his shoulders are his hidden beauty. 
  • DongHo and IU are good friends, and IU is DongHo's ideal type. 
  • Although Kevin and Alexander likes to hug their fans, DongHo is a bit shy. 
  • DongHo never had a girlfriend
  • He is allergic to crab 
  • DongHo is good at rapping, playing baseball, soccer, golf and the drums. 
  • His favorite color is pink :3 
  • DongHo has a habit of biting his nails
  • He has a dog names "Bbo-Bbo" 
  • DongHo has his own little world where he would randomly dance in the middle of nowhere.
  • His father owns a magazine company
  • He gets the least amount of makeup :3
  • DongHo also likes natural beauties! 

Eli Kim ( 김경재 ) Birthday: March 13, 1991 -- 22 years old. 
Main rapper and vocalist~
Eli speaks English because he was born in Los Angeles, CA, USA, he moved to Washington D.C.then to Beijing, China, when he was 15 years old because he was studying to be an actor, therefore he is fluent is Mandarin. 
  • His blood type is O. 
  • Eli likes to take hats from his fans ^_^
  • Eli's favorite color is purple! 
  • He is very close to DongHo
  • Eli has 5 piercings, not including the piercing between his thumb and index finger) 
  • It was stated that Eli eats the most, and his favorite foods are steaks, cheeseburgers, spicy foods, strong cheeses, and dragon fruit. 
  • Eli is allergic to cats! But he has 2 pet hedgehogs, ‘Eongi’ and ‘Deongi’
  • Eli said that his girlfriends are his KISSMEs 
  • He is known for being the "pigeon" of the group because of his infamous pigeon imitations
  • Eli is part of U-KISS's sub-unit, uBeat, which consists of Eli and AJ~ Kevin is featuring in uBeat, they released their hit song, Should Have Treated You Better (: 
  • His hobbies are listening to music, playing on the computer, and watching movies
  • He wants to be a Hollywood actor one day!
  • Eli prefers well-mannered girls. His ideal girl is someone who is tall and has a defined and prominent S line (curvy~).
  • Eli is skillful at cooking!

AJ  (Kim Jae-Seop) ( 에이제이 ) Birthday: June 4, 1991 -- 22 years old 

"...Don't deny our r²π.."
Main rapper~
AJ and Hoon were two members who became part of the U-KISS and NH Media family when Kibum and Alexander departed in February 2011. AJ learned English, so he is one of the three members who can speak English. In 2011, AJ studied at Columbia University, an Ivy League. Everyone, including AJ, should be VERY proud of this achievement because education is increasingly competitive, and it is an honor to have AJ attend Columbia!(: 
  • AJ's blood type is A. 
  • His favorite color is blue.
  • In 2005, when AJ was 14, he debuted as part of PARAN. Their debut song was "First Love." 
  • In 2011, AJ debuted with Hoon in U-KISS's fifth mini-album, Bran New Kiss. The title song, 0330, was, and is still, a HUGE hit. 
  • AJ wrote all the rapp parts in 0330, yes, even the "don't deny our r²π
  • It was state that AJ has the highest IQ in U-KISS
  • AJ is Buddhist! 
  • His hobbies are traveling, composing, and playing computer games. AJ is a great piano player~
  • AJ's hometown is Seoul, South Korea 
  • AJ is very serious, but he could be very funny also (: 
  • AJ is considered Soo Hyun's right arm.
  • When asked who he was closest to, AJ answered Eli. 
  • AJ loves ICE CREAM~
  • He said that he wasn't good at rapping, singing, and dancing. (He's lying to us, have you hear/seen him :3)
  • Before U-KISS's comeback, AJ practiced his dancing, rapping, and facial expressions
  • His fans are known as "AnJels" 
  • AJ is allergic to flowers, perfumes, dusts, and anything with a strong odor. 
  • He can play the guitar and his own recording studio at home!
  • AJ's ideal type is an innocent girl with the scent of spring weather. 
  • According to the other members, AJ is a romanticists because he plans surprise events! 

Hoon (Yeo Hoonmin -  여훈민 ) Birthday: August 16, 1991 -- 21 years old 
Lead singer/vocalist~
On September 9, 2009, Hoon debuted as a solo ballad singer under his real name. He released an extended play of FT Island's Pure and Love. In 2010, Hoon released a digital single, Beginning. After the departure of Alexander and Kibum, Hoon and AJ joined the U-KISS and NHM family. Hoon was part of Mr. Idol (along with DongHo)
  • Before debuting with U-KISS, Hoon never danced before. 
  • Hoon is really good at basketball~
  • Hoon appeared in SBS Drama Athena: Goddess of War as the President's bodyguard. 
  • He likes cute, small girls :3 His ideal type is JiYeon from T-ara because she's cute and her voice has a lot of emotions in it when she sings. Hoon, like Kevin, likes girls with soft hands.
  • Hoon has an unusual habit of going "~mung~" which is a Korean term for the sound effect of spacing out
  • Soo Hyun stated that Hoon is kind toward women. Soo Hyun also stated that Hoon in honest and kind.
  • Hoon is the type that would sacrifice everything for his love and if he had a girlfriend, he wouldn't be able to sleep because he would always think of her
  • He can't address the girl he likes right away, he would move slowly in a relationship and would feel embarrassed to say "I love you" to her face. 
  •  Hoon's new catchphrase is : "I will protect KISSMEs. 
  • Hoon thinks that monkey's are cute~
  • Soo Hyun stated that Hoon listens to him best. 
  • In junior high, when Hoon was an athlete, he had to train for 5 months, causing him to break up with his girlfriend even though he liked her a lot. 

This is it for this first post! I hope you learned some stuff about U-KISS~ I didn't realize how long it was to write one post xD (or maybe because I just keep wandering between homework, writing this post, and playing video games hmm~) Anyway, I'll post another in a few days about Alexander and Kibum~!

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