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Christian Dior

Christian Dior's reputation as one of the most important "couturiers" of the twentieth century was launched in 1947 with his first collection, "New Look"
"After years of military and civilian uniforms, sartorial restrictions and shortages, Dior offered not merely a new look but a new outlook"
There are some of his haute couture designs: 

"Bar" suit and jacket 
Summer/spring 1947
Made with silk shantung, later the reproduced skirt was made with wool. 

"Chérie" Dinner Dress 
Summer/ Spring 1947
Made with silk. This look exemplifies the "New Look" with its sloped shoulders, raised bust line, narrow waist, and a full volume skirt.   

"Abandon" Afternoon Dress
Fall/Winter 1948-49
Made with silk and cotton. Vogue noted the extraordinary neckline of the dress, specifying the "plunging neckline with side-slanted fold."

"Venus" Dress
Grey silk net embroidered with feather-shaped opalescent sequins, rhinestones, stimulated pearls, and paillettes.  

Dinner Dress
Fall/Winter 1949-50
Made with wool and silk. Dior was known for his ultra-feminine silhouettes, but this dress has masculine features which resembles and inspired by men's tuxedos 

"Junon" Dress 
Fall/Winter 1949-50
Pale-blue silk net embroidered iridescent blue, green, and rust sequins.  

"Pisanelle" Cocktail Ensemble 
Fall/Winter 1949-50
Romanticism to the runway! This is a navy and blue silk satin dress with navy silk velvet.

 "Partie Fine" Dress
Spring/Summer 1951
Made with silk, nylon, and leather, this separate bodice and skirt has the appearance of a one-piece dress. This was the prime focus of the 1951 collection. 

"La Cigale" 
Fall/Winter 1952-53
Made with silver grey silk moiré, Vogue (September 1, 1952) considered this "a masterpiece of construction and execution," while Harper's Bazaar (September 1952) considered it heavy, resembling a pliant metal. 

Spring/Summer 1953
 Made with silk, this coat completely fits in this 1953 spring collection, Tulip. Refreshing innocence!

"Cupola" Cocktail Dress
Fall/Winter 1953-54
Made with silk, the buttons on the front add the charm of historictism to this dress. 

"Eventail" Cocktail Dress
Fall/Winter 1956-57
Made of royal blue and navy wrap-printed taffeta with a navy horsehair band trim

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