Saturday, August 3, 2013

Project Runway: An Unconventional Coney Island

This was an unconventional team challenge. 
The teams are:  
                           Justin and Alexander                      
                           Kate and Helen
                           Jeremy and Ken
                           Sue and Sandro
                           Bradon and Karen
                           Dom and Alexandria
                           Miranda and Timothy 
Team Miranda and Tim are hilarious because Miranda really dislikes him and states that they clash, but Timothy believes the complete opposite and he was so excited that they were working together!
I was hoping (because I'm awful) that one team would SUCK and win little prizes, but obviously that's not the point and they won a bunch of blue alien and unicorns and one-eyed monsters and frogs. 
The teams I wanted to watch was Justin and Alexander because I feel that they would compliment each other and create something wonderful, Jeremy and Ken because they would probably create something awesome (and I love Jeremy's accent) and Miranda and Timothy because their feeling are different, so I wanted to see how they would work together. 
I didn't expect Sandro to be so uncompromising, and he's a bit scary. Miranda, if she felt that Timothy "changed" the design should confront him first rather than Sandro. 
Anyway, without further ado, the final looks: 

Justin and Alexander:
I was wrong believing that Alexander and Justin would compliment each other. I don't like how there's so much make-up on the model's face (and the make-up matches the shoes)! It would've been a fine dress if it wasn't over designed. It's just too busy! This was on the bottom.

Alexandria and Dom: 
I felt like this looked like a baby's costume. I get how some people would think it looks cute and all but, if you wore this to work/school/out, you'll probably get bullied to death, I swear, it'll happen. It is a cool design and I like the casual approach though, but it's Domo-like. Ugh, I don't know. I don't think this should've been on the top, Jeremy's and Ken should have at least been on top! 

Bradon and Karen: 
This was pretty okay. I don't know about the teddy bear stuffing thing around the shoulder and butt though. 

Helen and Kate: 
This was a pretty design made with red sombreros. I don't like the horns around her chest area though, they should have made it smooth. I'm not really impressed with the construction in the front, it looks better in the back (or is it just me?). 

Jeremy and Ken: 
THE PANTS, AND THE TOP, AND THE JACKET. These guys should've been on top! It's modern and chic and the pants are so wonderful! Jeremy, you made great pants once again. I love how Jeremy and Ken didn't make a dress. I really love the outfit, shame that it wasn't on top (It should have won. Really. It should have.) The colors work actually; the top and jacket are in neutral colors, so the insane, yet pretty, blue looks nice with the top! I love the hair too, it makes the model look like this rocker chick. 

Miranda and Timothy: 
This wasn't the worst design, but it's not very good either. I actually like the vest that Timothy made, but the dress was just kind of blah. 
I do not like Miranda at all, she's a liar and a two-faced lassie. Initially, Miranda told all the viewers that she didn't like Timothy, his attitude toward people, and his designs, but then when they were alone and collaborating at the park, she said "I think we'll work well together." Okay... then what did you just tell us? Anyway, I don't appreciate how Miranda did such an awful act of backstabbing her own partner! She apologized and I respect that, but then she said it was because she was too stressed and needed to blow off steam, well, if I met you, I don't think we could be friend, actually I don't know if she can be friends with anyone because no one wants to be her punching bag. I don't think Tim should've complained on the runway, but whatever. Arg, this drama complicates my life even if it has nothing to do with my life! These childish drama needs to stop.
Both are pretty weak, I do think Tim should have stayed a little longer, and Miranda should've went home because I think the vest is pretty cute.  

Sue and Sandro: 
This was a pretty dress and I like the blue. The dress would've been better executed if the model didn't put her hands near her crotch and lift the dress up. 
In the beginning, Sue and Sandro (when they went to the yogurt cart) looked like the couple that would do well together, but as they went into the work room, everything changed! Sandro was so disrespectful towards Sue! He treated her as an inferior creature, and didn't even allow her to incorporate her aesthetic. At the end, Sandro stated that he got his way and it should have been that way because men need to be above women or something, no, just no. Women can make prettier things that you, Sandro; Sue can make prettier things than you!   

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